Varilux Progressive (Invisible) Lenses

Varilux Progressive (Invisible) LensesHere at Randolph Eye Associates, we are proud to offer Varilux progressive lenses.

Varilux lenses are a fantastic new weapon that fights presbyopia. This is an eye condition that affects the eye’s ability to bring near objects into focus. These new lenses use revolutionary technology so that presbyopes can see near, far, and in between.

Varilux progressive lenses have many benefits. First, they are very comfortable. They make transitioning from near to distance vision easily. Unlike bifocal lenses, Varilux lenses eliminate the annoying line that creates an abrupt vision change which causes many people discomfort.

Another wonderful benefit of Varilux is that you have an increased field of vision. This larger vision field will reduce unnecessary head movement both vertically and horizontally.

Our compassionate and educated staff will work with you to ensure that you are getting the best lenses for your specific needs. We make your vision health a priority. The days of having discomfort in your eyes from wearing lenses are over. You will be so glad that you switched to Varilux progressive lenses.

If you have any questions regarding regarding Varilux progressive lenses, contact us today at (781) 986-7400.