Physio – Unique Progressive Lenses

Physio - Unique Progressive LensesHere at Randolph Eye Associates, we are proud to offer physio, a unique progressive lens.

The first progressive lenses were invented in 1959. Since then, technology has evolved and can help your vision much more than ever before. Today, the Varilux Physio has been introduced and is the most advanced general-wear progressive lens available.

The W.A.V.E technology is adapted from the wavefront technology that allows laser surgery to correct vision by eliminating surface aberrations. This will correct the distortions generated by even the best progressive lenses.

Varilux Physio can offer you may benefits. The lenses create unsurpassed sharpness in all fields of vision and an up to 30% wider field of mid-range vision. They make vision up close feel more natural and comfortable. These lenses are easy to wear even for new progressive wearers and are enhanced by Crizal Alize with Clear Guard.

There are more great features of Varilux Physio lenses. First, they are preferred by 2 out of 3 wearers. It is always great to know that other customers love their lenses. They are also easy to fit even for hard-to-fit wearers. No special measurements or equipment is required, so getting them is quick and easy. Finally, the lenses eliminate higher order aberrations for the ultimate in sharpness.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will work with you so that you love your Varilux Physio lenses as much as everyone else does. We care about your vision and your comfort.

If you have any questions regarding physio, contact us today at (781) 986-7400.