Lenses for Astigmatism

Lenses for AstigmatismHere at Randolph Eye Associates, we are proud to offer lenses for astigmatism to our patients.

Many people with astigmatism have given up on getting contact lenses and believe they are going to be stuck wearing glasses their entire life. We have great news for those people. You now have the option of wearing lenses and feeling comfortable throughout the entire day.

We offer lenses specifically for people with astigmatism. These lenses will actually correct astigmatism. These soft contact lenses will give you the vision you have always wanted. Although glasses have always given you the clarity you want, they also have so many cons. You can now get the same clarity you got with glasses without the cons.

Astigmatism is a very common vision problem. The good news is that it can now be corrected with toric soft contacts instead of glasses.

Using revolutionary technology, you now have contact lens options. First, Focus Dailies Toric with AquaRelease is the world’s first disposable lens for astigmatism. These lenses provide you will excellent vision and comfort, and you are able to wear a new pair daily.

Second, you can wear Air Optix for Astigmatism. These are made from a silicone hydrogel material. Your eyes will always look white and healthy; in fact, they will look healthy all day long no matter how long you have been wearing the lenses.

Third, FreshLook Toric lenses are soft contact lenses that can be worn for 1-2 weeks and then be replaced. These will have you seeing clearly and are very comfortable.

Fourth, we offer FreshLook ColorBlends Toric. Their 3-in-1 technology blends 3 colors into 1. We offer blue, honey, green, and grey. Patients love the option of switching up their look depending on the holiday, event, or their outfit.

Fifth, we offer DuraSoft 2 OptiFit ColorBlends Toric. Just because you have astigmatism does not mean that you cannot have fun. You can combine 3 colors on the lenses to create a natural eye color. These beautiful contacts are available in blue, green, brown, gray, honey, turquoise, and amethyst.

Sixth, we are proud to offer DuraSoft 2 OptiFit Toric. These lenses have an amazing visibility tint that makes them easier to see and handle. They also come in 4 enhancing colors for a more natural look. These are designed for annual replacement.

Seventh, we offer DuraSoft 3 OptiFit Toric. These come in 15 different colors and can even change the darkest of eyes. These are designed for daily wear and have an annual replacement.

Our qualified and friendly staff will look with you to determine which type of contact lens will work best for your eyes. Your vision is our top priority. We want you to be comfortabe, see clearly, and be excited each and every time you put your contact lens in.

If you have any questions regarding lenses for astigmatism, contact us today at (781) 986-7400.