Acuvue Oasys

Acuvue OasysHere at Randolph Eye Associates, we are proud to offer ACUVUE Oasys to our patients.

So many people hate the feeling of dry eyes, especially when it’s their contact lenses causing it. You can say goodbye to dry eyes when you switch to ACUVUE Oasys. In today’s environment tired, dry eyes seem to be normal. Changes in the weather can cause your eyes to feel this way as well. ACUVUE Oasys with HYDRACLEAR PLUS will allow you to feel like you are not wearing any lenses at all.

There are many benefits of ACUVUE Oasys. First, they will help soothe the uncomfortable feeling of dry eyes. They also contain HYDRACLEAR PLUS which creates more wettable and ultra smooth contact lenses. Finally, they block UV rays so your eyes will be protected from the sun.

There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you know you will be happy with your choice. Our entire staff will also make sure of it. We want you to walk out of our office feeling excited about your choice. You will notice a difference right away. The moisture and clarity your eyes will experience will make you proud of your decision.

We know you live a busy life. The last thing you want is your contact lenses acting up and causing you discomfort. With these, you will be comfortable throughout the entire day.

If you have any questions regarding ACUVUE Oasys, contact us today at (781) 986-7400.