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Tips For Maintaining Good Eyesight

Tips For Maintaining Good EyesightWe are living in an age of modernization where everyone is either on the phone, computer or watching television. With all the time being spent on a screen, there are high chances that most people will have eye problems in their lives. There is no way to avoid spending time on screen since most work is now done online. So, the only way is to find a way to maintain good eyesight even in the midst of all the technology.

5 Tips To Maintain Good Eyesight

1. Eat healthy

You have probably heard the phrase eat healthy so much till it has lost its meaning. Well, even if it seems like eating healthy is always said as a solution to everything, it is important when maintaining your eyesight.

Nutrients such as fatty acids, zinc, lutein, vitamins E and C among others are very crucial when it comes to vision problems. You need to eat a balanced diet to make sure you don’t get diseases such as diabetes which is among the leading causes of visual problems.

Some of the most recommended foods for good eyesight include pork, oysters, citrus fruits such as oranges, green vegetables such as kale, collards and spinach and fish. Most importantly, try and include fish at least twice a week in your diet.

2. Wear sunglasses

Apart from too much light exposure from the screens, your eyes can also get weak due to too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. So, to protect yourself from UV rays, ensure you have sunglasses whenever you go out. Also, make sure that your sunglasses can block the UV rays otherwise, they will be of no use.

For those who have contact lenses, sunglasses are also recommended when going out.

3. Stop smoking

Smoking can be very detrimental to your general health, but also, it can seriously affect your eyes. It causes damage to your ocular nerve, increases the likelihood of getting cataracts and results to macular disintegration.

For that reason, if you have a smoking habit, do your best to stop. Keeping in mind that smoking can be very addictive, seek your doctors help to help you control the strong urges to smoke.

4. Wear protective glasses

When engaging in any sports activities such as swimming, make sure you have your safety eyewear. In that way, your eyes will be shielded from any injuries or chemicals. Also, if you work in a place that uses hazardous materials, always put on protective glasses.

5. Regular eye exercises

Just like other body parts, you need to exercise your eyes regularly. Some of the common eye exercises include palming, flexing, blinking and focusing.

All the above tips will help you maintain good eyesight as well as improve your vision. But, make sure to seek advice from your optician.

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